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The Aquarium Center page is dedicated to bring you useful and detailed information about fish tanks. No matter if you are just a beginner, or if you are already a more experienced aquarist, you can always resort to our pages for a more enjoyable experience with this wonderful hobby.


Here you can learn the most important topics for when putting together a new fish tank, or when enhancing an existing one. Please navigate our page to find the information desired:


  • Aquarium sizes – the most common aquarium sizes by gallon capacity, and all the equipment specifications you need to keep your fish tank healthy


  • Aquarium materials – compare glass, acrylic and plastic materials to choose the best suiting solution for your fish tank


  • Aquarium supplies – understand more of each of the main components most aquariums need: aquarium filters, aquarium lighting, aquarium stands, aquarium gravel, aquarium rocks, and more


If you are an aquarium enthusiast, the Aquarium Center is happy to help build your knowledge on this fascinating hobby. If you have any questions, or would like to suggest a new topic for this website, feel free to contact us. Also, you can write interesting articles to be shared here at the Aquarium Center, feel free to contact us for further instructions on how to proceed.

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